Mt. Apo Highland Resort – A home beneath the mountain

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Mt. Apo Highland Resort – A home beneath the mountain

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Kapatagan, Digos City  –  After a three hours ride from Davao City, I found myself on the foothill of the gorgeous Mt. Apo. With a single purpose – relaxation. In addition to the stunning sight of the iconic mountain and the cold breeze on the plateau, I couldn’t help but be jealous of the people living around the area. Imagine living here, waking up on this mountain air with an awesome view, oh that would be life.
View at Mt. Apo Highland Resort4
Mt. Apo Highland Resort Map

If you’re thinking of visiting this resort after/during Kadayawan 2016 then here are some info that might help. 

How to get to Mt. Apo Highland Resort?
Getting here isn’t as bad as what they used to, the roads are already paved and you can easily hire a (habal-habal) motorcycle from Digos City to reach the area. Cost is around P100/pax and it normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to get to the location. The terminal is located at Llanos clinic.

Rooms & Accommodation
You have two options of accommodation in Mt. Apo Highland Resort. First, you have the Lake Mirror cottages which are located in the lakeside area – Cabin rates are (P1,800) 2 pax & (P2,000) 4 pax. While the second one is the hillside cottages – Cabin rates are (P2,000) 2 pax & (P2,200) 4 pax respectively. I personally prefer the hillside because of the altitude and the fantastic scenery. Plus they also have a restaurant that offers great coffee and delicious servings. Click here for some discounted room rates.
Room at Mt. Apo Highland Resort

Top Things to Do when in Mt. Apo Highland Resort
There’s a lot of things you can do when staying at Mt. Apo Highland Resort. This could be a great place to stay if you’re planning a trek to Mt. Apo. But if you’re a casual traveler then don’t worry there’s still a lot of activities that you can enjoy from when visiting.

Special thanks to Sir Philip Dizon, the Mt. Apo Highland Resort staff and travel blogger Edgar Allan Zeta Yap.

Contact Details
Phone Numbers: +63 82 2757955, +63 9236593722 or +63 9488908051
Mt. Apo Highland Resort – Lake Mirror & Hillside
Barangay Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Stories are meant to be shared.
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